Vapor Mitigation

Site conditions can contribute to a concrete slab demonstrating undesirably high moisture vapor transmission levels. When this occurs, moisture vapor finds tiny pathways upward through the slab via capillary action, finally condensing into a high-pH liquid. Buildup of this alkaline liquid on the concrete floor surface can destroy the ability of industrial flooring to bond to the concrete substrate.

In years past, contractors were forced to wait for new concrete to cure fully, prior to installing floor coatings. Various cumbersome tests were done over time, with the hope that the slab moisture would subside. We now know that some concrete slabs can take months before their MVT level is safe enough for typical coating system application. Other concrete floors may never achieve an acceptable level. With today’s tight construction deadlines and even tighter budgets, waiting with fingers crossed is no longer an option.


  • One of the most extensively proven moisture control flooring lines available
  • Nearly any of our high performance floors can be installed with MVT protection
  • Fast curing and low odor moisture vapor mitigating floor coatings available
  • Select from highly decorative or utilitarian aesthetics
  • Range of slip-resistance for you to choose
  • Meets USDA requirements for food facilities
  • EPA registered antimicrobial protection available

  • These and other attributes make our moisture vapor mitigating floor coatings & systems ideal for virtually any application.