About Us

Restore A Floor Los Angeles has been solving residential and business needs for over 25 years! We are a third generation business, operating since 1948. We were founded in 1979, and entered the Los Angeles market in 1988. Restore A Floor Los Angeles has exploded during the past 5 years as our reputation for quality workmanship and competitive prices has reached new heights. We are licensed, bonded and insured professionals. Our strong working relationship with many of Los Angeles’ best general contractors, designers, architects and dedication to our customers and our craft, places Restore A Floor Los Angeles at the top for many residential and commercial projects.

We have maintained a wide variety of materials with a major focus on high quality restoration of stone and tile. This experience has made us knowledgeable and capable. We lead a team of associates and craftsmen, in appropriate combinations, so projects are completed efficiently and in their entirety. Stone and tile installations receive the careful attention to quality that signature architectural elements deserve, whether they are in elegant homes or commercial buildings. We can advise on maintaining a variety of stones and surfaces.

Aesthetic and practical reasons underlie the choice of specific stones for specific installations.High traffic areas, high humidity areas, and sanitary food preparation areas each receive the appropriate treatment. Porous limestone and dense granite each receive individual treatment plans. Black marble and green marble are very different from other marbles and we are one of the few companies with the specialized equipment and methods to restore them. We provide the restoration suited to the material and the context, including limestone entries, marble showers, granite counters, terra cotta floors, terrazzo, slate & stone.

Although most architectural stone is virtually indestructible, all stone deteriorates alarmingly from soil, wear, improper cleaning, harsh weather, pollution and numerous other hazards. Proper restoration increases an installation’s lifespan and it’s beauty. We provide professional evaluations, consultations and restorations in Los Angeles County and all over Southern California.

Here are a few reasons to use us:
  • We are more than happy to offer a FREE consultation in our local area.
  • We use the finest abrasives, tools & materials using specialist seals that are proven to give you up to 15 years protection from staining if maintained correctly. Most of our premium seals have no nasty solvents or additives that are dangerous for you or your family and are completely safe to use.
  • We will never use high pressure sales tactics.
  • We are happy to refer you to our clients if you would like a genuine testimonial.
  • We attend hands on and on-going training whenever there are new developments in equipment or materials including trade shows and seminars.
  • We stand behind every job we undertake.