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4 Signs It's Time To Get Your Granite Countertops Restored

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If you have granite countertops in your home, then you probably have a profound appreciation for their appeal, durability, and long lifespan. Not only that, but granite countertops add a unique touch to any kitchen. However, granite countertops also need care and maintenance, just like any other stone. You can not treat it only with generic cleansers and methods unless you risk the possibility of accidental scratches or acidic stains. Fortunately, even if your countertops go through damage over the years, it's appearance can be restored. So knowing when it's time to turn to granite restoration in Los Angeles is best for maintaining the stone.

When The Granite Has Scratches

Scratches result from placing heavy loads on the countertop, and it is difficult to overlook them. It is also true for countertops installed on an uneven surface. A rough surface will prevent even distribution of weight, leading to cracks in the stone. It might be worrisome, but instead of replacing the granite, you can get it restored from professional granite restoration services in Los Angeles. The professional services will repair the cracks, fix the structure, bringing it back to its original state.

When The Granite Has Lost Its Luster

It's possible to lose the excellent shine of granite countertops if not cleaned properly. It is also the cleaning products you use that drastically affect the countertop's appeal. The luster loss could be due to various other reasons, such as etching and residue buildup. If you vouch for maintaining the stone at home, avoid using abrasive cleaners. But, if the damage is already done, have the granite countertop restored as soon as possible.

When The Color Of Granite Has Faded

Have you come across spots on the granite that looks dull and different from the rest of the part? Perhaps, it needs a quick fix straight away. Fixing this on your own isn't an easy task. But granite restoration companies in Los Angeles like Restore-A-Floor can help you recover the color by polishing your granite.

When The Granite Has Scorch Marks

While it's normal to notice scorch marks on the countertops, especially if you do a lot of cooking, getting rid of them is essential. Scorch marks are a result of directly using hot pots or pans without hot pads on the countertop. Thanks to restoration services, scorch marks can be dealt with efficiently.

Your granite surfaces should be maintained and cleaned as infrequently as every few weeks and as often as daily. But if you don't have time to figure out how to do that, then you can hire a professional to do the job for you. To get more information about granite restoration in Los Angeles, get in touch with us. Restore-A-Floor caters to all your granite restoration needs. From scratches, chips to marks and cracks, we've got you covered.

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